Porta Rubra for LGBT@UT(ぽるた・るぶら)は2003年の発足以来、季節ごとに1〜2回のペースで定例懇親会「宴」を開催し、これをプロジェクトの中心としてきました。初回から現在まで参加してくださっている方もいらっしゃる一方で、常に新しい方もいらっしゃるため、多彩な顔ぶれのLGBT@UTと交流出来る点が特徴です。「宴」は主に都内のカフェや居酒屋等で食事をして気軽に語らいつつ交流を深める形がメインですが、春は花見、秋は紅葉狩りなど、四季折々のイベントも織り込まれています。更にトークやパフォーマンスなども企画しています。なお、ペースアップを望まれる声もあるのですが、毎回参加者が数十名とかなり大規模になるため、幹事の都合上あまり頻繁な開催が叶わない点をご理解いただければ幸いです。「宴」の最新スケジュールは、グーグルカレンダーに随時掲載してまいります。これまでの「宴」についてはこちらをご覧ください。

Since its beginning in 2003, Porta Rubra has organized seasonal gatherings UTAGE once or twice per season. UTAGE has been playing the core role in the entire project. While some people have participated in UTAGE since the very beginning, we have always included fresh participants, enabling people of very diverse social and cultural backgrounds to communicate and interact with one another. UTAGE is primarily held at an informal setting (e.g. a cozy cafe) in or around Tokyo so that the participants can talk casually over the nice meal and wine, but it may also include seasonal events such as spring flower gazing (HANAMI) or autumn leaf viewing (MOMIJI-GARI). Porta Rubra is also planning talks and performance sessions. Although we are constantly requested to hold events more frequently, since the number of participants may be up to several dozens, we are afraid that the current frequency is most realistic. As for the updated schedule of UTAGE, please refer to our Google Calendar. See our history for the record of the past gatherings.

LGBTのセレブリティなども話題に上るようになった昨今でも、LGBTおよびセクシュアリティ全般に関する情報はまだ限られています。自分のセクシュアリティを理解したい方、セクシュアリティに関する悩みを共有したい方、身近な人がLGBTである方、LBGTを知りたい方の声を聞きながら、セクシュアリティに関する情報やアドバイスを提供することも、Porta Rubraの重要なミッションです。情報サービス「とびら」は、LGBT@UTだけでなく、LGBTについて何らかの関わりや関心を持つすべての人々に開かれています。まずはお気軽にご連絡ください(日本語・英語・中国語・ドイツ語・フランス語・ロシア語に対応しています)。

Recently LGBT celebrities have become part of everyday conversation, but information about LGBT and sexualities is still limited. Porta Rubra's important missions include listening to the voices of people who wish to understand their own sexuality, who need to share their problems about sexuality with others, whose friend or family member is a LGBT person, or who just want to know what is LGBT. We are also committed to provide information and advice about sexualities. Our information service TOBIRA is open not only for LGBT@UT people but for everybody who is related to or interested in LGBT. Please feel free to contact us by email in English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French or Russian.


LGBT@UTの中には、世界中で活躍する方々も数多くいらっしゃいます。世界に広がる Porta RubraのLGBT@UTが、世界に向けて情報発信するプロジェクトが「Porta Rubraワールドレポート」です。現在London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Boston, Seattle, Shanghai, Hong Kong などに在住するLGBT@UTが「特派員」として、現地のLGBT事情やゲイ模様を独自の視点からお伝えしていきます。

Many LGBT@UT alumni are making impacts across the world. Porta Rubra World Report is a project in which LGBT people from the world-wide UT community provide new information. Our "correspondents" are located in different places including: London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Boston, Seattle, Shanghai and Hong Kong, reporting on the local LGBT trends and gay lifestyles from their own unique perspectives. The World Report is currently available only in Japanese.